“We didn’t say we were perfect”… maybe not… but TLC did

Episode after episode of the hit Reality TV show, editors told us they were perfect, so did the lights, the camera and the acting out of a perfect family. No problem they couldn’t solve, or, bullshit aside, have edited out. Nothing that a big old smile from ear-to-ear couldn’t love away the hurt or the grocery bill.

Until the day it came to the public’s attention in that grand and dirty way ‘the media’ has about itself… that the eldest son, while a teen (and who cares how wet he was behind the ears)… molested a few of his younger sisters. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

I never noticed tv’s anywhere in their midst. No time for tv – that’s nice, however when the parents defend their son’s heinous act by stating that they never admitted to being perfect–did they ever watch back an episode of themselves where this same perv is left to romp around picking up li’l sis number 6 here and putting on his lap l’il sis number15 there. Strategically leaving out the part of the felon among them, and not only not sending him off to jail (J for Jail berg), but including him on shows with closeups of his teeth, shiny and gold.,, look away from the blinding glint.

Here’s a story of a man named JimBob, who was bringing up a very lovely bunch

they were 19 with one a pervert whose shiteating grin just screamed out for a punch

here’s the story of his wife mich-eeeelll-l, who got pregnant to prove some crazy point

you can stop lady before you get crusty and you break more than one hip joint


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