I Miss Integrity


Where oh where did integrity go? I remember searching for it in somebody besides myself, so I wouldn’t be so lonely, but alas, couldn’t find it. People have hardened or shrunk in courage. I think its all those preservatives and microwaves.  Integrity’s dictionary meaning goes like this: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals. Now as boring as that may sound– it is so refreshing when I meet someone who lives out this trait all the time. Like a throw back to the seventies or a seventies sit com.

Very few people have the balls anymore on planet earth to stand up for what they believe, we now have departments that stand for us. Lame. My brother, he had integrity, but he’s passed away though. Gone, just like that in his prime but he took his integrity with him. If we didn’t learn from his great example, that’s our loss. He was hoping his little sister would maintain her own at least. It isn’t easy but I try.

Not to worry, bro, you can count on me to carry on the integrity torch. No, wait…I think its fifty dollars and a night in the clink to flail a burning stick around.  I won’t give up though, if integrity is out there — I’ll find it and bring it back home so we can share.


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