Downton Abbey – My Take As To Why We Keep Watching It

How To Convince Your Boyfriend To Watch Downton Abbey With you
–No, there will be little to no skin exposure and yes, there will be all the free lessons in good manners you can stand.
Goodness Gracious
The most alluring thing about Downton Abbey lies in its steady ability to display grace under fire. The fires are the same amongst people of every culture all over the land including TV land. The difference has got to be the grace the British and this British drama employ in dealing with issues.
Grace in manners, grace in hardship, grace in relationships, grace in divorce and abortion, theivery and murder– grace in their soup. No matter how you slice it or where in the DVD you pause it — you can be assured of it gracefully picking up where it left off and with nobody beneath the age of ninety-four suffering of sudden viewership assault from flying verbal misuse, or complete disregard of decent conduct. The over ninety-four have tougher skin.
Make no mistake, there are verbs flying everywhere all of the time at Downton–only, these tend to make sense. You’ll find the oxford dictionary come to life depicting all the synonyms of the term and the act of ‘honor’. Strategically cast is Lady Crawly, played by Elizabeth Mcgovern, as the American heiress. She and her U.S funds live at Downton and fully play themselves out in the English custom. Excellent move to have her horse and buggied over there as our interpret. A language peace offering and so she could come back with news that discourse needn’t be ladened with swears and flip-offs. However, with her non-British accent nor stand point, Lady Crawley’s Americanisms appropriately come in to snap us back to the reality that perfect grammar is not going to make the boo-boo go away faster.
Where there is a great divide between production company ideology, there is zero separation between the upper class and the servants in Downton. Life foibles are going to happen to the lot regardless rich or poor. It would be the fair treatment from the upper class dwellers of Downton ensuring that when life foibles happen at the servant level, and if they want to keep working there, they too must deal with them with a leveled grace. It just makes for good business.
Contentment is another thing they had going for them. Plus, they eat and drink from their fine china brought out daily for their enjoyment of being wealthy in real time. They don’t do whole ‘save the good stuff for company bit, why would they? Why do we?
The next time I snap at my servant, I will exercise manners… just kidding… I always use my manners.


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