This sums me up accurately enough. Even nature can be a threat if its boundaries aren’t understood or respected. Like the rose for instance, mishandled — it can prick you.  Human nature is an altogether different kind of threat – it can be sneaky and scheming…very harmful to the inexperienced and unsuspecting.

Lucky for you, being Capricorn means that I’m a natural born James Bond and life can ‘mission me impossible’ all it wants. We’ll notice the threat and go in anyway knowing we’re upheld by the mighty forces that be.  We know, without a doubt, that we’re the ones that make it back because we’re needed to help mankind get out of a bind …like …always.

Born with pliers and a thorough comprehension of bomb defusal, whether in buildings or messed up people inner wiring– we cut the crap-py deadly green, no wait…red wire, so we can finally,  all get on with the day.  Stopping to smell the roses while we’re getting on with the day, but knowing to leave them in thy neighbor’s yard– less prickly!


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