The Journey Of The Smile

The ‘s’ in smile is the departure point standing for sadness and it takes the journey of the ‘mile’ which follows to reach the other side to satisfaction with whatever the lips held as secret in between. The journey of the smile begins with a singular thought that must be a determination to be happy once more. This, if you’ve wondered, is the mystery behind the Mona Lisa smile. It defies the gravity of her oppressing and dismal looking reality.

The day we got news that my brother of only thirty-six years of age passed away tragically, was for me, the same day the world seemed to stop smiling. Even more frightening was the prospect that we’d never see our mother be happy again after the loss of her beloved son. We needed her back, but it seemed she had to take a leave of absence from us ā€“ the rest of her children. Our mother was still alive and her son which was of her flesh ā€“ was gone of this universe. We watched her inner struggle with the realization that she’d never see her son again while still needing to respond and be ‘back’ for the rest. How did she justify this to herself?

One day her smile returned. It radiated with an understanding she must have gotten about life and death and how closely intertwined they actually are; that love is an energy which doesn’t end but actually transcends itself. It was as though she had been granted visitation rights from both realms, where ever her children happened to be.

A smile can only be successfully transmitted and received –if it stems from that place in the heart which searches for hope, finds it and bring it back as reassurance that all is ultimately– good.


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