Magically Good

As to Great cooks– like magicians and scientists and inventors, the one thing we have in common is that we’re seen as liars.  Its not that we don’t share our recipes nor that we’re holding back on a secret ratio to a magic potion– its not that at all. Its that we ourselves do not function well as teachers of our art.  Here’s our recipe– a great cook is made up of equal amounts of each; 1 part magician, 1 part scientist, 1 part inventor, liberal amounts of sugar and spice and most things nice, plus a dash of naughty where you sneak in a secret ingredient for their own good. Like kale which is healthy for them or a root of hemlock dug up in the dark and a sprinkling of that ‘twig of yew tree’ I bought on sale at Sobeys’ last week. Right, so do you still want that veggie burger recipe or not?  Better hurry, its gettin’ dark outside and I got me some fine cuisining to do.

I am just so kidding.  



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