Words alone have no meaning, they range from inactive if you don’t activate them and dead if you don’t speak them. They’re not even visible if you don’t drag them out of the dictionary and wear them around to give them shape and form.  Words alone don’t carry weapons,so they cannot hurt. Words cannot heal either unless used in collaboration with a cotton ball drenched and soaked from the flask of sincerity,kindness and compassion– the same flask God would use and has. Words can, however, survive a moment or a lifetime on their intention. For as many millions of words there are, to exist on this plane, they feed on two intentions alone -either to hurt or to heal. Intention is to words what gasoline is to a car. The wrong type of gas or words can ruin your motor or your message which you’ve been trying to traverse.

The three categories of who your words affect. Most people belong to group one- these are people who claim they know you by your usage of millions of words or at least the same string of words used a million times — they’ll still walk away confused and mostly unaffected being neither hurt nor healed  such as: overly friendly customer agents, potential insurance clients, teenagers.

Group two–people who do know you and that you’ve had a few words with or a few too many wrong words with and expect you to shut up because they’ll know what you mean without your say, such as: losing-interest-fast-clients,an angry ex wife or two, the person who speeds ahead of you in traffic and can’t hear your few words.

And finally, group three- these are the ones that know you and love you anyway. Ones to whom you really don’t remember saying much but only that love has been conveyed and established; those who know you’d do anything to help and never hurt them and that love means never having to say you’re…s…anything.  Somehow though- you’ve been heard; intention having come through deafeningly loud and actively clear without the use or abuse of verbals.

So put the dictionary down and back away slowly with your hands up. You’re under word arrest. You have the right…scratch that …you have the obligation to remain silent if you know you’re about to screw things up by doing something silly –like speaking.


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