Its a story or segment of gratitude isn’t it? And how some people have it, some have it at their end, some when they’re vibrant and some never have it at all.  But gratitude– if there is one more thing to be said about it, is that at any point in one’s life we have a choice to be and display it. Yes, it would be nice or surreal if we are all-gratitude, all-the-time, but that’s just TV.   It bears small potatoes as we beat ourselves up about not being as grateful as the guy who unfortunately got sick and now some media station wants to play on our emotions about how we should all be’grateful’ all the time.  It not only bears small potatoes this, it actually strips us back a gratitude layer or two.  We were doing fine. And who do you think is the most grateful…. for the ratings– not us.

I always said that one stations newsworthy topics are another stations bread and butter.  But at the end of the day or the 6 o’clock news an hour of our lives just went by listening to how we should be doing the right thing for others in need and not doing the right thing for others in need.

So do we feel badly about how someone got an incurable disease –of course.  Do we feel badly that we don’t immediately put on a super-gratitude suit and start giving away our possessions … nope. Do we turn the TV off with all of its fake altruism and ratings, forcing emotions down our throat– you betcha!

Its o.k., we did nothing bad.

Remember gratitude.  Humans have a short attention span. Be grateful we have a span to begin with and a remote.

R. Campese

Clicking Off


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