Falling in love means having stumbled over tangible acts of ‘caring’ strategically placed upon the couples’ otherwise bewildering pathway towards eachother.  And specifically for the purpose of lighting the way for them to fall–in love.  The strongest of insurance policies against theft or robbery of an unsuspecting couples’  potential to be in tact and functional for all of time.

Genuine caring defies the fallacious laws of fifty-fifty, even Steven and sharing tasks down the middle as enforced  a couple should live by if it wants to survive.  Living day-to-day by this code of ethics alone, rather, at all– has had the exact opposite effect and led directly to divorce court or break up yard…whatever.  

This is the window, this is me opening the window and letting fall from said window all of societies rules and regulations with reference to love.  The law has no business in love, it’s big business when love fails. When it fails, everyone seems to take a stab at us, just like a pin cushion.  But the nice thing is, we don’t break and once the pins are removed — we fluff up again leaving not a trace of any pin and/or needle in our memory foam.

This was a test– this was only a test.  




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