Poem Couple’s Therapy

If you were in a trance– I’d shake you

If you were not-all-the-way-baked– I’d bake you

If you were false and fake– I’d unfake you

If your human design was skewed– I’d remake you

I may have failed redoing you, yet the lesson at least for one, still got through

that needing to rectify your imperfections made me more imperfect than you

In facing truth; and when I came to understand this fact foremostly,

faint recollection of where I’d seen those very traits…oh yes… in me

That irritating little thing change does, coming when it sees fit; deliberate, behind the scenes and keeping score

Taking its place only after the lesson is learned and hearts are broken and won’t step in not one minute nor one lover before

by Rita Campese

Copyright GOASKRITA 2017


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