At Blaaaaaaaaaast My Love Has Come Along

Divorce is the acronym for why  D‘ont I Value Our Relationship Crucially Enough?  And the word crucial is not an accident.  It’s root stems from something crossed, or the Holy Cross meaning sacrifice… Marriage means sacrificing all things, everything unimportant to the union and soon to the family. Yet society has given us permission to put ourselves and our selfish needs first.. above the spouse and above the children too.

Society said:  ‘the minute you start getting a little hot under your freshly ironed shirt collar by causing you to have to put your spouses’ present need at the fore instead of your own- (you big baby)….  sorry Freudian — is the same minute you could start filing for divorce –at least in your head’.  Then society took off running the other direction like the fifth grade bully that it is leaving you holding the smoking bb gun at the site of where he wounded a beautiful little bird or ‘the sacred family’.  Isn’t society cute?

The  argument arises…’but  can you still remain married to someone that beats you or cheats you?’, the short answer  no. The real answer and this hurts more than the beats or cheats…(its my post, I could do what I want)…’  didn’t society give you a chance to do that other thing Jesus said not to and sample marriage by way of living together first.  You know, because can’t rely on what your heart tells you about your intended and because you don’t know a person until you live with them in order to find out for yourself what kind of dirt comes out in the wash.  Way before committing sin number three in a row and actually bringing children into the world of unfair advantages right out the gate. In turn, rendering your life a hot mess?!

Now my divorce is over twenty years old. I didn’t take a free sample before buying into marriage… I believed in the product or the sanctity of marriage– so I rebelled against divorce and tried to keep it together for the family.   I was not beaten, he just didn’t feel like playing husband and father anymore soon after my daughter was born.  Society told him he could be a poltroon,  (short for no backbone and sack of s!#&) and he listened.  If society told you to jump off a cliff…. Oh wait,… it did.  Society is also the one who pierces the hole in your parachute.





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