The Souls’ Zip Code: HERE IAM

This being our permanent address–might as well make ourselves comfortable

The present is the bridge in the direction from past to future.  The present demands that we sit by ourselves for a while or until we understand how our past brought us here in the present.  We weren’t just dropped off at the corner of confused and bewildered streets– we walked.  We may have been bogged down with too many hurts packed up in our suitcases whose weight slowed us down or for years misguided our direction  ‘here’.  We blame ourselves for the time wasted or the unnecessary routes taken, but were these really a waste and unnecessary or were they on purpose created for us to have earned our present address and zip code.  However long it takes for us to move forward is a refection of how fearless we are in evaluating where the pitfalls and mind fields and dead ends we ourselves had buried deep in the heart of our past.   This particular journey, the most important and actually the only trip that matters,  may take years, if not, miles to accomplish.   After all, Rome was not built in a day and neither was home.




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