I was going to write another post about understanding ourselves better and how to move on in life after a hardship but I found these took up too much of my precious time — its almost Christmas synonymous for cooking and cookies.  Look, life is short– why not ponder it over cookies and seafood lasagna is what I always say, o.k.,… just started saying.    This Christmas in my household, apartment-hold (for just a wee bit longer  til we close the deal on our new house) … I am going all out for Christmas or as far out as the other tenants can stand the bake smells in the hallway.  I’ve already had compliments.

November 15 to December 15 , represents a new calendar month for me… I call it Bake’n’Freeze month.  Four weeks where I do exactly what the month is named after.  I’ll upload images of the goods once they’re done and before I pack them in my freezer.  I have already been baking for a week as we speak and my kitchen looks like … well its slippery due to the fallen flour.  And the family bird, who doubles as a conure is the unofficial taste tester …he hasn’t died yet so I must be doing something delicious.  Just kidding, I’m pro birds, he only eats high grade bird seed,a lot of apples and only a little pizza and lasagna.  He’s Italian.   Take it easy PETA,


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