Bring Merry Along To Your Happy New Year!

Merry is a heart thing; where as happy is a heady one.  Ever notice how merry is to Christmas like happy is to the New Year?  Ever wonder why it isn’t the reverse?  Maybe it has to do with how the first part of the holiday is whimsical, filled with legal wonderment and when adults can let their hair or beards down and be like the little child in spirit and in p.j.’s on Christmas morn’.

Fast forward a few days later, — the new year; where the greeting changes somewhat to the sober and psychological and on every other self help book on how to become happy,–How To Be Merry, make fwends, and Influence People’?    Drop the merry act fast and have a Happy New Year.   Merry must stay back, there will be no room for merry at the board meetings, nor the traffic jams to the board meetings.  Did you ever hear someone bid you a merry tax season, or what about merry mother’s day or merry Halloween.  ‘I had a merry time at happy hour last night with the gang’. Robin Hood and his happy-men showed up!  Sounds inappropriately festive to me.

So really, while there are no hard and fast rules as to where to apply merry and happy… I bid you both a Happy and a Merry New Year– living in  a world world where you can use both terms interchangeably and not be looked down upon but rather hailed for being daringly merry. More, in a world where both are felt rather than just said.

Happily and Merrily ever after…


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