Hey…Why So Mad?

Mad is the self-imposed and unrelenting state that has a grip on your balls if you’re a man and the other thing if you’re a woman.  Mad makes you want to perpetuate mad, like good mad after bad mad.  This is because in all that madness you’re not even in control…you sold it.  Your control is presently sitting at the pawn shop– you lost all rights to it.. ooops.  Now you can’t forgive yourself for this either and it compounds into more mad.  See how that works?  Then if that wasn’t bad enough, you get to watch as your ‘control’ gets  sold for peanuts to some stranger who bought your ‘dignity’ just last week and intends on playing unabashedly with both.  Are you feeling your blood boil already, do you know how many days off your life that equates to?

So what does one do, because as long as you’re not imprisoned by the law but just by yourself — you still have a choice.  Answer, turn mad into sad– God’s got you here in the state of sad.  Here the only thing boiling is homemade stew.  Wake up it is Kansas.  It’s not lame to be sad, it’s a little lamer to actually become lame from a bar fight as you were sinking into mad-ness. Sad instead has you reflecting …”what the hell was I doing piss drunk in a bar anyway’, when I should have been home reading a bedtime story ‘Little Mad Bear Gets Schooled’ to my kids” realizing hey wait a minute that bear in the bar fight with his jaw on the ground next to him  could have been me, but happily– isn’t!

Although there is one catch to turning mad into sad…you’d have to forgive yourself. Have To!  Here’s how: Rule one- by loosening that grip from your privates which kept you steaming mad, the blood flows back to the heart where you live most of the time.  Step two, sad says take stock forgive the sinner, that’s us and them– not the sin …don’t do it again.  Number three, have good cry and give it over to the Lord, the highest of managements you’re next drinks will keep coming orange juice.  While you’re crying– gladden in the refreshing truth that no cancer cells accrued as you were sad but the opposite is true you’ve released toxins and restored hope.   Sad but true.


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